About G33KMAS

BopBopKat, an embroidery business, was achieved by Katlyn Fuller through Vocational Rehabilitation after enduring medical disabilities including strokes and cardiac arrest during her teen years. Vocational Rehabilitation combined her passion and skills for art, sewing and computers together and mixed in her desire to succeed. With her family’s support, she took those skills and made them into a successful business.

G33KMAS is the next step in the adventure of Katlyn and her family.  Each year, our customers have asked us where they could buy from us around the holidays.  Not finding any geeky holiday shopping events we tried church bazaars and school fairs but we did not find many geeks there. It was time to think bigger.

As we talked to other vendors it seemed we all had the same problem, thus leaving the geeks and nerds to shop big box generic stores and online instead of being able to select quality gifts in person.  We had no choice but to come up with another solution. The game room at Grandma’s? Absolutely Free – but Absolutely Not! Everyplace we called was already booked or seemed so expensive that it was not even possible to consider.  We partnered up with Macaroni Kid who had connections with Adam’s Mark Hotel. We were able to rent the entire ballroom for $10,000. But wait, how could we afford that price? Then we thought of the other geeky artisans and vendors that needed a place to sell also.  Kazaam, G33KMAS was created!

Between Macaroni Kid having experience in planning events and our experience of being an artisan/vendor, we hope to bring an awesome time to the community.  Let’s make the first year of G33KMAS a great community event!

Ideas For Awesomeness:

  • Free Admission
  • Include Everyone
  • Provide a wide variety of geeky gifts for shoppers
  • Make shopping fun with activities and entertainment
  • Support community organizations
  • Mix it all together and add COSPLAY!

What could be better than this….
Did someone mention prizes?

Oh Yeah – Lots of prizes!

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